Call the flood restoration experts.


Recovering from a disaster can become overwhelming when you think about all the things that go into rebuilding a home, or business. Seeing your precious photographs and important documents gone overnight is truly a devastating experience. At Flood Reconstruction we will make sure that rebuild process goes smoothly. Our company is there to make sure your reconstruction gives you the look and feel that it should.

We work directly with your insurance carrier along with Texas and the city governments to ensure your flood reconstruction project and the contractors we designate are well funded, experienced, and familiar with the requirements. The team at Flood Reconstruction has the experts to help you each step of the way. 

Once you officially become one of our customers we align you with one of our project managers allowing each item listed in your repair estimate to be reviewed and accounted for prior to getting started. The experts at Flood Reconstruction will walk you step by step through the process ensuring that each phase of the project is completed on time and brings the quality that any business or home owner would expect. We work hand in hand with each member of the supporting cast to make sure that each component of the reconstruction is completed correctly and on time. 

Before your build begins, there are several things to consider. Usually, our customers in Houston, Texas enjoy putting your pictures back on the wall and positioning the grill back in the yard, but these are things that we do for no charge. Selecting the plants in your yard is also part of our job because often we can get the insurance to include this into the restoration. This is an important part of the process. Seeing your home or business back to normal is a wonderful step in the healing process and a very important one. We want to be there for you in this difficult time. 

The flood reconstruction experts at Flood Reconstruction is the best choice to get your life back together again because we will do what it takes to help you declare your home or business fully restored. We are happy to help you with this and when you need a team of dedicated professional to rebuild your life, Flood Reconstruction is one call away.